Sidewalk Prophets - 'Smile' (Official Music Video)

In light of all the tragedy and sadness in the world, sometimes you have to put an end to that and smile.  This simple recipe is what Sidewalk Prophets' song is all about!

Here's the (hilarious) music video for Sidewalk Prophets' "Smile"

And what did Sidewalk Prophets say about this song?  In contrast to all the grim seriousness the culture, the media, and the world throw at us, it's time to smile.....

"Hey you! Yes you. Why so serious all the time? What is stopping you from experiencing joy? It’s okay to be upset, angry or scared. What is not okay, is letting those feelings control your life. If the thought of laughing makes you cringe, here are a couple simple words to help you on the journey to joy—- LET GO. Remember when you were a kid and you got upset with your dad because he stole your last bit of ice cream? You tried so hard to be upset but eventually he cracks your attitude with a dad joke, and you can’t help but smile. Why, because we were wired for joy! Laugh hard, stress less and SMILE today." 

"Smile" is off the band's album, The Things That Got Us Here.